Josh Bernbaum's Fraunhofer Lines

WEB_Horizontal_Fraunhofer2.jpgJosh Bernbaum has created glass panels inspired by the influential work of German physicist Joseph von Fraunhofer (1787-1826). "Fraunhofer was trained as a physicist, but dabbled in glass making as a means to obtain the best possible glass with optical properties for use in telescopes. He was able to achieve that in the end, seeing not just the colors of the visible spectrum in light coming from distant stars but also parallel black lines amidst those colors. His important discovery allowed for a better understanding of our universe. What interested me was learning that Fraunhofer got into glass making as a means to enable this scientific breakthrough. I was motivated to pursue this series of work asking myself what I could create that would incorporate line-work and the ‘rainbow’ colors of the visible light spectrum with the glass working techniques I employ." See more on Bernbaum's artist page.