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Lyell Castonquay Printmaker

WEB_LyellCastonguay_Studio2-cropped.jpgMitchell•Giddings is proud to represent the work of printmaker, Lyell Casonguay. His woodblock prints invoke disparate influences including Japanese ukiyo-e, naturalist works, and traditional Chinese brush paintings. We first met Castonguay as part of the Zea Mays group show and invited him to exhibit in the gallery. He is the director of BIG INK, a collaborative project that encourages the practice and understanding of large woodcuts with a variety of workshops and community printing events. Influences include Antonio Frasconi, Leonard Baskin, Bruce Waldman, and Christopher Hartshorne, among others. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including France, Ireland, and Wales. See his artist page here