Sharon Myers

Artist Statement


In 2010, I had a riddle to solve:

Create multiple images of something that I see every day and that changes every day.
My answer -- underwear -- launched the series in this show. My goal has been to explore the texture, design and structure of women's underwear and to portray the endless interpretations people place on images of garments that are usually hidden.

I started with works on paper -- drawings of bras and bikini bottoms covered with children's stickers -- then moved on to a series of hanging figures that evolved from portraying women, mothers and pretty little girls to those evoking promiscuity, vulgarity and brutality.

I next worked directly with corsets, enjoying their texture and the simplicity of those images on paper. As I manipulated the fabric, I added elements to suggest different narratives. I grew more aware of the endless practical, social, sexual, and psychological implications of the underwear itself and of what it means to display these materials in public settings.

These images may fill us with embarrassment, memory, fantasy, guilt and projection. I continue to work on this series because I love the simple but complicated images and what they may mean to each one of us.