Gene Parulis

Gene Parulis has been absorbed in photographing the world for fifty years. The two poles of his life have been teaching and traveling, and photography has occupied a central place in both passions. He has taught in diverse places from a mountain village in Algeria to Kuwait University and community colleges in California and Vermont. He has exhibited in galleries in the USA and Europe, and his photos have appeared in a number of magazines, books, and websites.

He has collaborated with writers particularly with regard to illustrating themes of spirituality as well as personal and professional development. Among his collaborations include the books The Twelve Steps of Forgiveness and The Wisdom of the Self by Paul Ferrini, Teaching as a Spiritual Practice by Lauren Alderfer and most recently The Meditative Gardener by Cheryl Wilfong, winner of several Small Press awards.

A Rhode Island Council of the Humanities grant recipient with Francis Leazes of Rhode Island College, Gene has produced a documentary film about three generations of a Providence Rhode Island family, one member of which fell at the Alamo. He has recently completed a multimedia presentation on the theme of Orpheus and Eurydice and is currently at work on a major project concerning old mills and factories in New England towns.

Gene spent the month of November in the village of Mutianyu, China, just under the Great Wall thanks to a fellowship from The Schoolhouse Foundation. He was photographer/artist-in-residence during that time.