Eric Boyer

June 22 - July 30

In 1985 I started to explore in metals, being employed for five years in a metal working shop where I learned to forge, weld and fabricate decorative iron railings, furniture and other household items. Among these were the dozens of fireplace screens of various designs and sizes that I fabricated and assembled. Being fond of salvaged materials, I began to play with left over scraps of the #8 mesh that were discarded from the assembly process. Having always been attracted artistically to the human form, and for other reasons both ethereal and practical, I began to sculpt figures. At first small and rather timid, these mesh sculptures began to attract attention, resulting in my first exhibition, in 1989, of 3/4 life-size figures at Art on the Mountain in Wilmington, Vermont. Working with wire mesh continues to fascinate me after over twenty years.

—Eric Boyer