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Bruce Campbell

Thinking the Cosmos: Kinetic Sculpture
May 12 - June 24
Opening: Saturday, May 12   5:30-8pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, June 9  5:30pm
Mitchell • Giddings Fine Arts is pleased to offer a solo exhibition of Bruce Campbell’s kinetic wire sculptures. In 1976 Campbell was fascinated by a Whitney Museum retrospective exhibition, “Calder’s Universe.” Alexander Calder’s work invited Campbell to experiment with defining space with wires that were joined, bent and twisted into imaginative shapes that triggered wonder and an art form reminiscent of three-dimensional line drawing.

“My ideas for kinetic sculpture usually begin as a question. For example, how can I show a certain concept of the universe? They attempt to illustrate, in the simplest way possible, conditions and events of the natural world. In showing a falling star, a lunar eclipse, or a rainstorm, I am trying to represent, in minimalist and transparent form, my perception of the universe—how the universe might be visualized if moved by gears, levers, and basic mechanics.”