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Torin Porter - Before Words

May 4 - June 18

The title BEFORE WORDS really just has to do with the way art comes to us as makers and viewers on it's own terms, before words can get in the way. It arrives at a part of ourselves which understands immediately and intuitively. It can take our breath away (take our words away), giving a us a feeling of being suspended from our usual thought structures. It is at that moment that I think we are most connected with the work.

Also my sculptures make me think of ink on a page, or hieroglyphs, or pieces of non-verbal meaning like word prototypes, especially when they are seen in sequence. Art is a form of human communication that everyone young or old, no matter what language they speak, responds to directly. We can look at ancient cave paintings and feel as if they were just made a moment ago by a friend.

—Torin Porter

Torin Porter’s sculptures have been exhibited in New England galleries, in New York City, and in public spaces. His interactive sculpture installations have been featured at many Phish festivals. Growing up, he spent his summers with the Bread and Puppet Theater, later performed with the MOMIX dance company, and the rock band Jane’s Addiction. Porter was selected to attend several Vermont Week artist residencies at the Vermont Studio Center and has taught sculpture classes at The Carving Studio. He received his B.A. in Studio Art from Dartmouth College and lives in northern Vermont.