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Lauren Pollaro: Color & Construct

April 21 - May 29, 2016

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 21, 5 - 7pm

Artist's Talk: Saturday, May 14, 5pm


VermontArts2016ColorWebArtist's Statement

My recent works are about exploring visual space, moving through this space and arriving at a destination. This “journey” takes place on two levels: the visual but also the emotional level; moving through emotion by arriving at a place of contentment or alternatively, a place of letting go.

Along this journey are multi-layers, discoveries and surprises. Visual cues may be inviting passages, entrances to doorways or windows, traveling along pathways and/or ascending towards a summit. I am interested in things unearthing, unfolding and decaying as they offer wonderful suggestions of texture. Color relationships are also a source of inspiration and may create a sense of energy or quiet. My goal and challenge is to include many of these informative, disparate elements into a work that’s feels spacious, peaceful or energizing.

Though I’m not a world traveler, my work often suggests an interest in other cultures. My affinity for the aesthetics of these cultures may be seen as a found textile, a sensibility of a landscape or an architectural element such as an ancient temple. These elements are not studied but instinctual.

The joy in making my work comes from the process; the exploration of materials, experimenting with color and/or textural combinations and the spontaneity of working in this way. The work evolves from a starting point of color, found material or object. I then paint, scrape, glue and layer; adding and removing, “traveling” through the piece.



Born in Brooklyn, NY in 1962, Lauren Pollaro comes from a family of accomplished artists. She earned her degree in Fine Art from the University of New Hampshire and soon after graduating became involved in the graphic arts as an art director for several magazines. She has been working as a jewelry artist for over 20 years. During that time she honed her technical skills and fulfilled interests in new techniques through courses, workshops and experimenting in her studio. Lauren has been honored with numerous gallery exhibitions, museum representation and awards of merit. Her work has been featured in publications such as Jewelry Artist Magazine, Niche Magazine, Artscope Magazine and the Boston Globe as well as the book Art Jewelry Today 3.