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David and Michelle Holzapfel: Passaggi

September 22 - October 23

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 22, 5-7pm

Artist Talk: October 8, 5pm

Michelle Holzapfel MGFA Artist Page

David Holzapfel MGFA Artist Page

Mitchell-Giddings Fine Arts is pleased to present Passaggi, a collection of artwork by Marlboro, Vermont, artists Michelle and David Holzapfel. Opening with an Artist Reception September 22, 5-7pm, the exhibit continues through October 23. Of special note, MGFA welcomes folklorist and co-director of the Vermont Folklife Center, Greg Sharrow, to facilitate an Artist Talk on October 8, 5pm.

David’s unique, locally sourced hardwood furniture and sculpture highlight both his material’s inherent beauty and the artist’s unexpected and sensitive response to it.

Michelle’s exquisitely turned and carved bowls, vases and vessels transport the viewer to places where magic and fancy are transformed into handheld objects of singular delight and beauty.

David and Michelle utilize those portions of the trees left behind or overlooked by the loggers, and together they honor the imperfections, richness and personalities of these once-living organisms in their art. But Michelle and David’s curiosities lead both artists to explore the world beyond spalted maple and cherry burl. David’s sense of humor and his ability to celebrate the given have found easy expression in a series of photographs shot with a plastic Helga camera and plastic lens, while Michelle turns her hand to needle and thread, creating striking, quilt-like fabric wall-hangings. These new pieces suggest shifting focus and restless passage, explored with the inspiration and attention to detail we have come to know in their history.