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Maggie Lake - Gone to Seed

Maggie Lake passed away peacefully on January 16 at her home in Putney, Vermont. All profits from the sale of her work from this exhibition at Mitchell • Giddings Fine Arts will go to her family.

Presenting her latest botanical prints January 8 through March 1, 2015 is award-winning local artist, Maggie Lake. Maggie Lake’s Vermont Botanical series has been featured in Vermont Life, Yankee, and numerous other magazines. This series, began 25 years ago, is created from specimens of plants foraged on expeditions throughout Vermont. She is awarded prizes annually at the Philadelphia Flower show and the St. Louis Art Fair. All proceeds from the sale of artwork in Maggie Lake’s show will go directly to the artist and her family as they deal with expenses relating to her terminal cancer.

Artist’s Statement

In the late Fall of this year I hiked the familiar woods trails where every Spring for the past 30 years I have collected Vermont’s ephemeral flora. The transformation of the plants was so dramatic, from tiny shapes of starry pale flowers and their new born leaves clasped tightly around their stems to ungainly bug-eaten golden leaves bearing red and blue fruits, oozing their seed and juices into the soil and decaying leaf matter. What a metaphor for life, for my life, as I struggle with terminal cancer, birth, death and rebirth.

This series, called “Gone to Seed” consists of eight archival giclee prints. I am so grateful to Christopher Irion for his dedicated help in making this exhibit happen.

Maggie Lake, December 2014