Susan Osgood

For me painting and drawing are forms of travel, giving the sense of being in unfamiliar territory and the thrill of discovery. Many places, feelings, ideas, sensations, and memories are inspirations, but in the end each painting has to work; it has to come together and have a life of its own.

Beginning without an image in mind, delving in, I find my way to the purely visual. Cultivating the unknown, wondering where to go next with a painting, spur me into a kind of survival mode that demands an intuitive reaction and the ability to trust my response from a deep internal place.

My love of exploring—within as well as out into the world—is a skill I honed early in life. Growing up in rural New Hampshire, surrounded by nature and absorbed by it, I developed a heightened sense of awareness and deep curiosity that indelibly mark my creative process.

—Susan Osgood