Robin Cheung

Robin Cheung's paintings and drawings can be found in private collections throughout the US, and internationally including France, England, Greece, China, and Canada. Robin's work is inspired by the transformation of objects as they endure through history, appearing different in form and finish again and again to new cultures throughout time. Her paintings reflect the scratched and crusted layers of ancient walls or the graceful profiles of ornate vessels.

Her work recalls the muted frescos and tile floors of Pompeii or the subdued shades of a worn medieval tapestry—the remnant shapes, patterns and details of antiquity. The focus is on historical reference and the geometry of architectural suggestion: an early Hittite jug with a bird-like spout, the delicate curve of a saddle with scrolled handles, the arch of a doorway. Robin's work aims to capture the elegance and balance that these objects have inherited.