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Larry Simons

I make assemblages from whatever I find. I love rummaging around for splintered pieces of old fallen-down wooden structures, especially collapsed barns with weathered gray siding and red trim. Rather than re-coloring anything, I prefer to work with the palette I find. While living out west in the 1960’s, I fell in love with the raw beauty of the mountains and the desert. I was particularly drawn to un-restored ghost towns and the remnants of the mines they had grown up around, where I found rusted metal with a reddish tone not seen in damper climates and deeply grained shards of wood which had hardened with age in the dry air. A recycler by nature, virtually everything I use in my art has had a previous life–furniture parts, tool handles, toy blocks, croquet sets, bobbins and wooden patterns from steel mills–much of which is brought to me by packrat-types who enjoy seeing what I do with the treasures they’ve found. Driftwood is one of my favorite materials, especially painted fragments of wrecked boats and buildings which have been tumbled to perfection in the water.