Eric Boyer

Artist Statement

I have been involved in creating, artistically and otherwise, since my childhood. My work in wire mesh is a result of over twenty years of fascination with a material I discovered quite by accident, searching for a medium that I could best express myself with. Working by hand with leftover scraps of material at a blacksmith shop I was employed in (West Village Forge), I gradually came to know the incredible expressive power of a medium most people, artists included, had never even heard of. Thus began a refinement and synthesis of all my art and design experiences; years of life drawing, carving in wood and clay-as well as the newly discovered mystique of metal work itself- as I learned the skills necessary to work with a material that is at once supple as clay, demanding and hard as steel, yet finite and woven, literally a fabric of wire.


These playful experiments eventually led me to my first exhibition, in 1989. If the sculptures don't exactly speak for themselves, they do not require much in the way of explanation. While the figurative works share my fascination with the human form, and the human history of image-making in and around that form, the abstract pieces are almost purely about the material itself as expression. The wire mesh itself seems to be a material with no foreseeable limits as an artistic medium.  

—Eric Boyer