David Rohn

David Rohn is a watercolor and oil painter. He currently lives and creates art in the woods of Southern Vermont.

"Rohn's paintings seem part of another diction altogether, one free of jargon and its thin gratifications; free, also, of art-schooled ambition to please teacher/critic/dealer, but rarely the eye of the beholder. The eye of this beholder is soothed and delighted, reminded of the old sense of magic which manifests itself in art. I llike to call it magic, or alchemy, since these words convey transformation: the way all true art, representational or abstract, changes the visual world into a vision of the world." Ann Lauterbach, from "Light Repositories: On David Rohn's Watercolors"

".....each picture having a highly articulate - but seldom outspoken - air. Yet when Rohn gets right down to it, his very delicacy of means yields up something deeply felt and expressed. .... Rohn finds feeling; he is a still-life painter of surprising force."  
—Gerrit Henry, Art In America

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