Christine Triebert

"My photography spans over 3 decades, from traditional black and white darkroom work to digital imaging, mixed media, and alternative printing substrates. Each new body of work fosters custom techniques developed expressly for that series, from camera-less paper negatives exposed in the darkroom, to large scale portraits printed on aluminum, to still life photographs transferred to painted fabric. My goal in photo-artmaking is to create unique, personal and compelling imagery, where the qualities inherent in the process are intrinsic to the concept of the work."

—Christine Triebert


Christine Triebert has been exhibiting her fine art photographs in numerous galleries and shows throughout the Northeast for over 20 years. She is a three-time recipient of an international Golden Light Award for photographic excellence. Many of her images have been licensed by major publishers in the US and Europe including Graphique de France, Boston and Paris; Aperture, NY; and The Art Group, UK. Her work is collected by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Polo Ralph Lauren, Bank of America, and The Ritz Carlton Hotel, among many others. Working from her studio along the Rock River, Chris's love of Vermont’s rural environment is a strong influence in her photography.